IR/UV Summit

Unmasking IR/UV LED – The Real Value Behind the Hype


Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Time: 13:30 – 17:45

Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, Room 638


The LED industry and market has been rapidly changing recently, with many companies reorganizing their business organizations and strategies.  While the LED industry expects even more challenging times ahead, many LED manufacturers have started to develop invisible light spectrum products, especially in UV or IR applications to maintain market advantages.


In the past few years, IR LED market was mostly driven by traditional applications but the growing adoption in many industry sectors such as defense, lighting, imaging, surveillance, automotive, as well as consumer electronics is anticipated to propel global IR LED market growth, on account of the rapid technology advancement and various advantage.


After fast adoption of UVA LEDs for curing applications, UVC LEDs for purification/disinfection are now ready. Most UVC LED manufacturers are now focusing on developing cost-effective solutions rather than improving device power output, which also triggers the increasing penetration of UV LEDs.


With these positive market signs, what will the challenge be facing LED manufactures? This forum will feature industry experts worldwide to share the on-going trends and anticipated growth and challenges in the coming years. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn if IR/UV LED market live up to hype or exceed everyone’s expectation.












Topics & Speakers






Welcome / Opening Remarks



IR LEDs - The Next Big Thing In The LED Industry
Mr. Pars Mukish, Business Unit Manager, Solid State Lighting & Displays, Yole Développement



Epistar’s  Core Technologies for Mainstream IR Applications
C.C. Lu, Associate Vice President, R&D Center, Epistar Corporation



From Myths to Reality : LED for AR and biometric
Sander Su, LITE-ON TECHNOLOGY CORP Optoelectronics Product Solution SBG (OPS SBG) & Senior Director Global Marketing Div. & NBD Div.(Automotive)



Break – 15min



UV-LED Real World Applications Today

Mr. Jun Miyauchi, Product Management Team Team Leader, Nikkiso Giken Co., Ltd



AlGaN nanostructures on graphene: A new disruptive technology for UV LEDs
Dr. Helge Weman, Founder and CTO, CrayoNano AS  Company



Development of PVD AlN in LED Application
Dr. Peijun Ding, Vice President , Beijing NAURA Microelectronics Equipment Co., Ltd.



Challenges in UV Measurement
Mr. Andreas Kreisel, Sales Engineer Asia Sales, Instrument Systems






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